Sunday, May 06, 2007

Sf Stories

Kudos on a great website. I just recently moved out of San Francisco after 4 years and even though the city and most of it's inhabitants retain a special place in my heart, I know too well the blank mean face I had to wear walking down the street. More than almost anywhere else the level of harrassment I got on the street was ridiculous. Even Italy wasn't as bad! My experiences as a young female college student in the city range from the mundane, (whistles and cat
calls and "hey mami, nice tits!") to the extreme:

Fuck you to the guy I threw the entire contents of a newspaper stand at because he would not get the message and followed me to my building that I was NOT a hooker and NOT for sale. It's halloween you asshole, don't you know the difference between rainbow bright and a prostitute? (Although I'm sure it was quite a sight to see me in rainbow leggings and moon boots cursing like a sailor and pegging that guy in the head with sfweeklies.)

And Fuck you to the only person I ever actually punched in my life. I was bent over tying my shoe and you thought it would be okay to come and grab my ass and whatever else you could get your mitts on. Who the fuck do you think you are to feel entitled to grabbing me where even my boyfriend asks permission first. I have never been so blindly enraged. I can still see your snaggly toothed gaping sneer right before I jawed you and bolted. I only regret not kicking you in the nuts too.

and even the laughable: to the guy with the guitar who sang the "give me a handjob" song on the bart. You're a total loser... and points for creativity aside, fuck you too.

Submitted by June from San Francisco

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