Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Vacation Hassle

I am from Oakland, CA and the transgressions I encounter here could take me days to write down, but the most disgusting and humilating one I can remember happened in Hawaii a few years ago. I was on a women's surf retreat in Oahu. The only real vacation I have ever had. One morning we were surfing at this spot where you can paddle into and rest in a cove. I was just sitting there on my board, in my rash guard, which is a long sleeve top and some modest bikini bottoms. Resting and taking in the beach, I looked at the shore and saw this man standing in the bushes. He was wearing the Parks/Beaches employee uniform. I was curious and annoyed because he was just standing there blatantly staring. But as I stared back I saw some movement of his hand and arm. That's when I realized he was masturbating. I was mortified to say the least! I just sat there paralyzed. I thought if I just stared him down he would become embarrassed and stop, but of course he didn't. Finally I was so freaked I just laid back down (something I did not want to do at all since I knew he would be looking at my ass) and paddled out to the waves. I turned around once to see if he was gone but he had just finished his session and waved to me as he walked away, as if thanking me!!!! Repulsive!!! Shame on that fucker, double shame for being an employee of the beach and a dirty asshole. That experience ruined the trip for me.

Submitted by Jenny in Oakland, CA

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