Friday, June 22, 2007

Day in SF

I was driving on 43 ave in SF and making a left turn onto Sloat. A burgundy older model Toyota or Honda was making a u-turn. We crossed paths and the car stops in front of me. I wave to them to go and the driver pulls along side me and stairs at me with a really dirty look on his face. I stair back and say WHAT! He and the other passengers in the car all laugh at me the driver then calls me a stupid bitch. I flip them off and yell fuck you. He then tells me to suck his balls. I left this situation feeling attacked and angry. I had done nothing to deserve this. I wish I had said "what balls?" I felt I had not said enough. I was angry all day and felt frustrated that it had ruined my day when this ass hole probably didn't give it a second thought. I wish i had gotten a picture of this jerk.

Submitted by Nicole in SF

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