Friday, October 26, 2007

News Flash- American Apparel Ad

Today on the blog, a discussion has started about this ad and the defacement of it.

The graffiti reads: "Gee, I wonder why women get raped."



Anonymous said...

Thats idiotic, women get raped because their rapers are criminals with no regard for anything past the tip of their dick.

Granted the american apparel ads bordor on pornographic, i was in one with my parents and they couldnt really deal with the giant closup grainy photos of teen girl-croth in tighty whities on all the walls.

BUt that comment is exactly whats wrong with most mens screwed up ideals.

p.s. im a guy.

Alias Go-Go Journalist said...

I think the person that left the graffito on the advertisement was making a comment on the way women are overly sexualized in advertisement. This ad was meant to be provocative, however in its quest to be sexy it’s saying to the uneducated masses that “sexy girls want male attention” thus reinforcing the notion that a sexy woman wants it and a male or female in some cases is free to take it.

There are many reasons for rape and sex rarely plays into it. It’s about power and sadly advertisements that depict women in subjective positions work to play into the idea of dominance.

There are many things wrong with this ad, and many more things wrong with the graffiti… but since the ad has been defaced there’s a good chance it will be taken down… maybe one good thing will come out of this trash.

Jeremiah said...

In their rage against the ad, the defacer was apparently unaware of their accidental irony.

I'm also curious: how does one "get raped?" Is it in the same sense one "gets great cell service?" "Gets" an arcane Family Guy reference?