Thursday, February 21, 2008

Newsflash: Tufts Library Masturbator

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Students at Tufts University have repeatedly spotted a man masturbating near them in the library. The question is posed as to whether or not this is harassment, and what actions should be taken.

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Universities Battle Unconventional Forms Of Sexual Harassment

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Anonymous said...

Whether or not that man is mentally disabled shouldnt make it ok. I believe the course of action should be different, but it should not go undisciplined. If he doesn't realize he is doing something wrong then measures should be taken to show him why it is wrong. When mental illness is deemed the reason somebody murders someone, they do not just let this person go free, there is large amounts of counseling this person must go through. And even then, he is still punished for his actions. Why should it be any different for public masterbation?