Thursday, March 01, 2007

the Pee Peeper

Invasion of privacy, to the maximum.

Now this didn't directly happen to me, but it did a co-worker. A hard working co-worker who was just trying to pee.

We had a store meeting at the Holiday Inn on Van Ness in SF. As I was setting up for a employee vote, my friend comes running out of the bathroom, interrupting the Muzak playing in the lobby. "THERE IS A PERVERT IN THE BATHROOM! I JUST WENT INTO TO PEE AND HE JUMPS OUT AND STARTS WHACKING OFF!" We all look confused and pause for a moment. I think to myself "this can't be true" so I grab the funniest guy I know, another co-worker. I say to him "Hey....go to the bathroom. Just do it. Knock on the last stall..." So he does without question. He comes out hysterical. Indeed there was a perv whacking off to whoever would come into the bathroom. How long does he spend there in that hotel lobby bathroom a day I wonder?

We can't even take a piss in peace anymore....

Submitted by Miss Electric from Oakland

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