Sunday, September 17, 2006

Two Jerks for the Price of One

One block over from the lovely block that I call home, there are usually a few (sometimes quite a few) guys hanging on the street. I generally walk on the other side of Market St. because this section (the North side of the street b/w Van Ness and Franklin) is so intolerable for a women walking alone.

Today, however, I was tired and hot and not feeling like the extra walking just to avoid these jerks. I headed home and on the way I had one guy sitting on a crate against a closed sortefront yell, "Nice Tat!" in a less than harmless tone of voice and then mutter under his breath an inaudible remark that I chose to ignore. I was carrying three bags full of groceries, which made my HollaBack photo ops pretty impossible.

I guess the first guy set the tone for the man walking in front of me, because he then slowed down so that I would pass him and then said, "Hey pretty lady," and proceeded to make kissing noises at me. Had I been more awake and less thrown off guard by the double-whammy they dealt me, I may have been able to muster up a snappy remark. Instead, I juggled my groceries and got this photo of him.

Its far away, but I didn't want to be obvious about confronting men that know where I live, if you get my drift.

submitted by Jessica in SF

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