Friday, August 24, 2007

New Flash: Unheard Cries in Minnesota

Today's News Flash comes from CBS, in a story titled Police: 10 Witness Rape, Do Nothing.

A woman was being assaulted and possibly raped on the sidewalk and neighbors saw the event and declined to do anything, even call the police.

Read the original article.

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Jamie said...

This story makes my stomach churn. Who cares if she's in grave danger or not? She's asked for help and SOMEONE should give it to her.

I think that if we really want to stop hearing about women being attacked, molested, and harassed, we're going to have take some responsibility for our own actions. We're going to have to stand up, say "Enough is enough" and accept the fact that sometimes standing up for one another puts us in difficult and potentially dangerous situations. Hearing that people ignore the harassment of others is ridiculous - if we stand together, there's nothing to be afraid of.