Sunday, August 12, 2007

Perv at the Conservatory of Flowers

Friday evening I was working out, running up and down the stairs in front of the Conservatory of Flowers in preparation for the Inca Trail next month (whoohoo!) I had been doing this for about 10-12 minutes when I looked across the way and noticed a guy with a video camera pointed straight at me!!! I didn't believe that he was actually videotaping me at first, so I looked away and then looked again a little later, and when I did I saw his hand turn as if he were focusing in. Barf!!!! I promptly ran away. It grosses me out that this pervert will probably be using this as fodder for his lonely jerk-off session later tonight. And really pisses me off that I couldn't finish my workout there. I wish I had thought to point and shoot my phone camera right at him - it probably would have been a long shot, but just to point something at him in return would have made me feel a lot better.

Beware of the pervert at the Conservatory of Flowers!

Submitted by Kate B. in San Francisco.


Golden Silence said...

I would've tried to find a way of getting the camera from him...getting an authority figure or someone to intervene.

Legally, he has no right to use your likeness on film without your permission. If you see his horrible video pop up anywhere, sue like mad.

Anonymous said...

Where I'm from (Australia), it isn't illegal to film someone in public.

thingmaker said...

It's not illegal to film someone in public in SF... It may be rude - and he may be a perv but calling a cop could do no more than (maybe) embarass him.
Trying to take the camera would involve assault, battery and strongarm robbery... which would be embarassing for you.

Anonymous said...

Taking the camera from this pervert would have been considered illegal as it would be "assault, battery and strong-arm robbery"- but since when is standing up and defending one's self embarrasing?

And yes, legally he has no right to publish any footage he may have obtained.

Anonymous said...

Maybe he was trying to cultivate that sexy "American Beauty"-esque routine. You are like the bag dancing in the wind, and he was filming you. It works so well in the mind of a lonely pervert. The women will swoon, he thinks. I think in 5th-8th grades there should be "how to get a girl to like you" classes that ingrain men with not doing weird shit like this.