Thursday, August 09, 2007

News Flash

This is the first news article related to Hollaback's mission to be posted on the site. We want to encourage thought and comments, and also to keep you all informed of what is going on in our City and the World in relation to street harassment and assault.

Summary of where the blame lies according to The Sun Online.

A Scottish survey found that the following percentages of people think a woman is partially responsible in a rape:

If she had been flirting- 32%
If she was drunk- 27%
If she wore revealing clothing- 26%
If she was known to have many sexual partners- 18%

In each case, about 5% of people think the woman was fully to blame for the rape.

The Scottish Law Commission is examining and proposing reform on laws about rape and other sexual offenses.

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voodooval421 said...

Absolutely fucking disgusting. It just goes to show how prone people, including women, are to objectifying females - if a man wants her, he can take her, whether she wants it or not. It's ironic that they believe a woman to have so much power that she can make a man lose self-control, and yet should never have the option of choosing what happens to her and what doesn't. The woman is always the whore that brought it on herself, until it's their Mother/daughter/sister/niece/cousin. Then, suddenly, it's a different story, because this particular woman is a person.